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Become an international cosmetics Bumiputera company that is globally recognized and is able to benefit millions of people.


1. Creating a “wow” customer journey where leaders, agents and customers are all happy when dealing with the Rosetyara.

2 Ensuring product quality is always at its best.

3. Ensuring every customer is satisfied with Rosetyara’s service.

4. Ensuring all women deserve a wonderful life when they look very beautiful with Rosetyara.

Sponsoring Program

We have been sponsoring few drama productions for few television stations since 2016. It feels great knowing the celebrities are loving us.

Charity Program

We were actively involved in series of charity program, such as Program Ziarah Asnaf with Lembaga Zakat Negeri Kedah in Padang Terap, Kedah (picture)

Cosmetic Entrepreneur

Our Cosmetic Entrepreneurial Program has helped a lot of women and housewives all over Malaysia and Singapore since its launched in 2015.


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